Бридж тв нид фор фест

Бридж тв нид фор фест

In November 1, we held a private screening of our film-show RUSONG TV NEED FOR FEST in Moscow’s karaoke club Dorffman!

At the screening, the music broadcaster BRIDGE MEDIA together with travel company NEED TOUR presented a film about a large-scale festival, which was held on the shores of Turkey in May 2017. The participants of the concert program were the stars of show business, among them: Olga Romanovskaya, Ilya Zudin, Angelica Agurbash, Dato, Arsenium, Dominic Joker, Pizza Band, Filatov & Karas, Mitya Fomin, Ligalize, Vintage band, Irakli, 5sta Family, Bianca, Ekaterina Kokorina, Yasenia, Murad Bulatov, Andrey Aleksin and Insammer band.

RUSONG TV NEED FOR FEST film lasts 3 hours and demonstrates the outstanding performances and off-stage life of the festival.

As part of the festival RUSONG TV NEED FOR FEST we also held an international beauty contest, a number of sporting events and the performance of the team of KVN Astana Sparta. During the week, the intensity of sound, light and stars’ performances gave the holiday spirit to all guests!

he mastermind and the producer of the festival and TV-version – Gela Gogokhiya. Director of a TV-version – Sergey Grey Stage designer – Boris Minasov Host at the screening – Andrey Galteev

During the evening, the CEO of BRIDGE MEDIA Vladimir Nazarenko reported on the latest developments in the company’s life, in particular, the success of the launch and the growing rating of the new music channel BRIDGE TV Russian HIT on the basis of RUSONG TV.

The presentation and the screening of the film took place on the eve of the upcoming festival, which will be held in Turkey from April 30 to May 7, 2018 at the Rixos Premium Belek hotel. The festival will change its name from RUSONG TV NEED FOR FEST to BRIDGE TV NEED FOR FEST and will receive an international status. Preparations for the festival have already begun and guests are waiting for performances, sporting events, amazing shows, a lot of surprises, and of course, the performances of favorite singers. The official radio station of the festival-radio Russian Hit.

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